Backyard Bio-Battery
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High performance composting equipment
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Outdoor Power Composters in Colorado Springs, CO

Unlock your garden’s hidden potential with a Backyard Bio-Battery Outdoor Power Composter. We’re elevating the gardening experience with our durable, hyper-efficient residential composting equipment. With the Backyard Bio-Battery, you can supercharge Mother Earth’s natural cycle of waste reclamation and unleash the full potential of your outdoor environment. Our cutting-edge technology is also an excellent way to minimize your family’s carbon footprint while simultaneously producing a steady and reliable stream of high-quality organic fertilizer… your cooked and highly concentrated compost! All of our Bio-Battery power composters are extremely pest resistant, durably constructed, and adaptable to any environment. Choose between three composting performance levels; Basic, Pro, and Deluxe. Contact us today to learn more about our full line of power composters in Colorado Springs, CO.

Our Compost Boxes:

  • Are durable
  •  Powerful
  • Are Elegantly Designed
  • Are Adaptable to any backyard

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